At Barefoot Wanderer we recognise the damaging effect that the clothing and textiles industry has on our natural environment. Refusing to be apart of this unnecessary harm to mother earth we are committed to reducing the impact our brand by creating long lasting, multi-purposeful clothing that can take you from one adventure to the next.


We source pre-loved fabrics from thrift shops and market stalls to up-cycle into our beautiful handmade Bohemian Scrunchie collection. Once washed these well worn sheets, curtains, and clothing are hand cut and sewn into hair accessories giving them a new purpose.  


Australian Made

All of our products are designed and manufactured right here in Australia. Reducing our environmental impact by lowering carbon emissions. 



Our fabric has been sourced from the highest quality of recycled fabrics. We’ve chosen to use fabrics that are made from 50% recycled PET plastic bottles. Cleaning up the oceans as we create long lasting multi functional apparel. The energy used to create rPET fabric is about 33-53% less than what it is to produce virgin polyester. Due of this fabric, plastic materials, especially water bottles are saved from our oceans and landfills. We also use Linen which has an eco-friendly life cycle because it is recyclable and biodegradable



Our brand wouldn’t be the same without our vibrant 70’s inspired prints. We have chosen to digitally print our fabrics which is a much more greener alternative to screen printing.


Giving Back

We contribute $10 of every pair of womens flared pants sold to Rainforest Rescue. With this donation a tree is planted. So I guess your literally buying a pair of pants and planting a tree at the same time.



Your purchases are shipped in compostable bags that are made from plants and will biodegrade in your backyard compost. Even our swing tags, tissue paper and thank you notes are FSC certified recycled material.