Whirlwind - Part 1 & 2

Part 1 - May

What a crazy beautiful few months it’s been. I have been pushing myself harder than ever, working five days a week at two different ‘real jobs’ and frying my brain on Barefoot Wanderer when my babies lay their heads to rest at night. It’s been exhausting but oh so worth it. 

The day finally came to launch a new and improved Barefoot Wanderer to the world and it was just as I had envisaged. I felt all the feels that day. It was honestly one of the most proudest days of my life. Seeing something I’d worked so hard on for almost a year come to fruition is just so rewarding. I felt oh so held by my community, having the most supportive team around me to cheer me on and congratulate my hard work. It was truly magic.

Along with the help of aligned collaborations where I felt real connection was made, I was able to gift the most soft, comfortable and sustainably made clothing to the world. 

Every inch of Sunflower Fields was well thought-out. From the creation of the print artwork all the way to the finishing touches of swing tags and postage bags. I placed a heavy responsibility onto each and every step of the process.

I have also felt so grateful that with this business I am able to give back to the land I call home. Setting up our partnership with Rainforest Rescue means that every customer of our flares have planted a tree in the Daintree Rainforest. A place we visited on our bus travels and of which I feel, as an Australian is a place I need to take the opportunity to protect.


Part 2 - July


And just when I was finding my feet and this steam train was picking up speed we’ve come to a halt. 

It’s a strange time for me right now. These slow days in lockdown means so many things for my little family and this business I’m trying to grow. 

For Barefoot Wanderer I’m forced to think outside the box with every hurdle I’m thrown. Products I’ve ordered for restock become delayed, I have little to no products left online to offer my customers. Daily routine has been thrown out the window for the wind to catch and take it where it chooses and I no longer know how to navigate my time to give this project the time it deserves.

For our family this tricky time is a time of growth. We spend quality time together in the sunshine, exploring the endless bushland that nestles our home, building bike jumps in the dirt, making play dough, painting, playing. This aspect of lockdown has me feeling so grateful for the things I do have and the people I hold dear. It’s given me much needed time to respite to bustle I was in only a few weeks before.

As much as I am basking in these slow days I do hope life as we knew it welcomes us with warm arms again. I’ve enjoyed the quietness of lockdown for five weeks now and am ready to bring in a new season of normality. Bring on a new season!

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