Sunny Nullah

As I sit here on my olive green bedspread in my softly sunlit room I stare endlessly at the little life that I birthed only days before. It’s been an eventful few weeks here and I’m still caught in a dreamscape to properly comprehend the massive moments that have occurred in the past two weeks. 

On January 25th our Mini Wrap Dress was softly launched and finally I was able to introduce our second clothing design to our customers. It was a fairly long road to produce this design - as it seems to always be. Countless samples and fittings to create the funnest and most versatile dress. I was adamant that this dress needed to be multifunctional. Just like I’ve strived to do so with our other designs and future designs to come. I probably place too much pressure on myself to make this element of the design process happen that often I get frustrated and back out from ever producing the design as I feel it’s not ‘perfect’. But our Mini Wrap Dress made it to production and I’m so pleased I carried through and backed myself on this one. As it’s something that could be worn through all the seasons and styled no matter what the weather throws at you - or me on our next adventure. Our Mini Wrap Dress can be worn as both a dress, wrapped with adjustable tassels around the waist or styled as a kimono with the tassels left to drape open or tied loosely hidden underneath the garment. 

I chose to not make a big fuss about our Mini Wrap Dress launch as behind the scenes I was preparing my mind and body for another birth and a rebirthing of myself. 

On February 3rd, 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant with our 4th baby, I dressed and combed my eldest baby's hair to start her first day of school. I never thought it would be such a big thing but in the days and weeks that approached I could sense the growing pain from the stretching of an invisible umbilical cord. Here I was preparing myself for another baby to nurture and simultaneously letting my first out of my reach. I managed to hold off the labour signs that visited daily, telling my body to hold off a little longer so that I could be present for this huge milestone in Marli’s world. I made it to school for her first two days of drop-off and pick-up and sighed with relief that I had ‘made it’. 

On February 7th we woke up to a drizzly day. Sam dressed the girls and dropped them off to school and bush kindy while I breathed through inconsistent contractions. I had been pre-labouring since 8pm the night before and finally I could feel each wave becoming a little more intense. After he returned we layered on our raincoats and umbrellas and ventured out into the bush that surrounds our home. I knew that if I wanted these contractions to continue I had to move my body. My mind needed the distraction as well. We walked for almost two hours through the wet rainforest-like bush, following the escarpment and stopping to take in the view at each rocky lookout. I focused on anything but the pain. A rainbow shone over two waterfalls that rushed from a cliff in the distance and as we pushed back palm and fern leaves we watched fairy wrens scatter from branch to branch and orange butterfly’s flutter in-between downpours. It was beautiful. It was nature's way of whispering “I’m here with you”. 

Hours passed like minutes and at 5:45pm that evening I birthed our son(sun) into Sam's hands in a birthing pool in our living room. Just the two of us and our doula were present. The atmosphere was calm and totally us. No unneeded energy buzzing around the room. I laid there on the edge of the bath rubbing my newborns back and kissing his velvet hair. 

We had a son! 

And we couldn't believe it.

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