Sketching out Dreams

It’s after lunch and I’ve put the two little ones to bed and escaped to our local library to get some much needed work done. We’ve been back in our home town for six months now and although we had only planned to back for half that time it’s been a nice change to the constant moving around from one spot to another. Being back home has given us the chance to spend time with family and friends, to make some big plans and begin working on following them through. 


Since being home, and a little stuck in one place we’ve decided it’s a great time to sell our bus Lola and buy something bigger for our growing family. This decision didn’t come easily. We know it’s going to be a huge job and that we will both be pushed to our limits but once all the hard work is done it will be extremely satisfying to know we have something we can grow into and use for years to come. Although it was a hard decision and one we’ve tossed around for a while we know its the right move to make. One of our biggest issues in our current set up is our sleeping arrangement’s. Sharing a queen size bed with four people each night was lovely but also tiring. By the end of our seven months on the road we knew we’d need to either change Lola’s set-up or sell her to buy something which all five of us could live and travel in much easier. After a lot of debate we’ve come to realise that squeezing in a few extra (even though they’d be tiny) beds just won’t work in Lola. 


So in between Sam working full-time and myself looking after the kids and working on Barefoot Wanderer we’ve spent the last couple of months scouring the internet trying to find a bus we can renovate to make our new home on wheels. Staying up late, after our babes fall asleep to sketch potential layouts for what our dream bus would look like. Talking about which features are necessities and the things we don’t necessarily need. One of my must-haves is a slightly bigger wardrobe. In Lola we each had one shelf or drawer and with a couple of cold weather garments there wasn’t much room for anything else. This time round I’m pushing for two drawers/shelves per person so we can fit in enough clothes to last us year round. 


Another must-have for me is an oven and a bigger fridge. Although we made do, in Lola our oven was only big enough to heat half a pizza at a time and our fridge was only able to store enough food for three days worth of meals at most. This meant we sometimes opted for unhealthier options and would need to return to the shops way too often to restock. 


Other than our bus plans I’ve been working hard on Barefoot Wanderer. There are so many components of a business to show up to and work on each day. I reckon if I had of realised the magnitude of running my own business at the beginning I probably would have thought twice about it. It’s a lot more work than I’d ever imagined but I do love working towards something that I’m creating from scratch and have full creative freedom over. 


I know once we hit the road again, even if it is in another six months time that I will need to have everything ready for Barefoot Wanderer to run smoothly while I’m on the move. So this time has been precious, and well spent. I’ve been sewing stock, sampling fabric and digital prints, and fixing up my website. Dedicating some time everyday to my work. It feels good for my soul to have a break from motherhood and escape in the flow of creating. To let my mind run wild with ideas. And although we could say were stuck in one place, it feels good to work on these things because these things are also our dreams and when they arrive they’ll feel well deserved.

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