Ode to Lola

Thursday 1st October 2020

In a few days time we officially hand over the keys to our beloved Lola (cue tears here). This way of living has taught us so much and it wouldn’t have been what it was if it wasn’t for our first family bus, our first home, our first big adventure together as a family of five - it has been a huge part of so many firsts. 


We’ve owned Lola for 2 years now. Almost exactly two years to the day we are due to wave goodbye and become the ‘previous’ owners of her. 


We bought Lola off a sun kissed family of four who had travelled from the Surf Coast in Victoria up the east coast to Noosa in her. They then settled in Byron Bay for a few months before we noticed their advertisement and gave them a call. It was only a day or so after that initial call that we were in our van driving to North Sydney to meet Nathan and see Lola for the first time.


We wandered around, a little bewildered at the beauty of this hand crafted rolling home and so amazed by the lifestyle this could lead us towards. Nathan told us stories of their travels, his year of hard work converting Lola from a school bus to her current state and why they needed to sell her. It turned out they were pregnant with their third child and Lola only allowed enough space for 4 passengers to be seated and a Queen sized bed for them to sleep in.


We didn’t realise it at the time but we were actually pregnant with our third baby as well. Our second Bub, Flow was only 4months old and had come with us on this particular visit to inspect Lola. As we chatted to Nathan, we had no idea there was a pea sized Bub in my tummy who would create such a fuss when we would discover her a few months down the track.  


It was on that very first inspection that we bought Lola. After about an hour of chatting away with Nathan and inspecting our soon-to-be home on wheels we called our bank to inform them a large sum of cash was about to be transferred and to give it the all clear. It was right then and there, on that warm September night both Sam and I sat in the cushioned dining area in Lola double and cross-checking the digits on our bank app. It was nail-biting stuff and definitely the most scariest financial choice we’ve ever made. 


A few moments later, Sam and Nathan cracked open a small beer to toast the new era Lola (and all of us) were about to embark on. 


We drove home that night feeling like we were about to burst out of our skin and throw up all at once. 

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