New Things

The past month there has been a whole heap of ‘new’ happening in our life and within Barefoot Wanderer.


As some of you may have heard we are super excited to be welcoming another soul to our family early next year. Preparing for another addition to our family has meant our usual resistance to planning has been put aside and we have thrown ourselves head first into putting steps in place for the things we envision for this next chapter in our lives. Organising our desired birth, the home we wish to begin our family journey of six in and how we will choose to educate our suddenly ‘school age’ Marli. There has been a lot of big life decisions for us to make this past month and we’ve found it all to be exciting, a little stressful and definitely exhausting.


This new season we’re approaching has also meant I have been thinking ahead of time for Barefoot Wanderer, sketching new designs for upcoming seasons and placing fabric orders for the next collections print (which I am so so excited to show you all!). 


One of my favourite designs that I’ve been working on is a sweet & very retro flared sleeve wrap dress. When I was thinking up this design I envisioned it being worn year round. With three quarter length sleeves for those cooler summer nights and warmer winter days. Paired with plain earthy toned tights in Autumn or bare legged and thrifted cowgirl boots for Spring.


Coming back to my visions for Barefoot Wanderer to be a brand that creates multifunctional apparel, I had plans for this design to be worn as a wrapped dress, a slinky dressing gown or left hanging loose as a kimono type robe. The perfect non-crease and lightweight fabric that can be easily rolled up into your backpack or tucked inside the minimal draw space of your moving home.

This one is certainly a dress for The Wanderers of the world. 

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