Big Changes

Holy Guacamole we bought a bus!!!!! Wow that happened quicker than I thought it would. After months of refreshing gumtree ads and messaging bus owners we finally made the jump into bus ownership 2.0. The magnitude of the job ahead of us certainly hasn’t sunken in yet. Although we worked hard on Lola getting her ready for our family of 5 to hit the road two years ago now (two years already! time fly’s!), the jobs we carried out on that bus is nothing compared to what we have ahead of us now. 


We bought Lola as a fully functioning bus. Decked out with all we would need to live out of. But at the time we didn’t realise we were pregnant with baby number 3. We also wondered how we would make life as a family of 5 work in our Lola. An extra human certainly adds a lot more complexities to a little bus. Simple things like fridge space, water capacity, pantry space, bed space and even the loads of washing per week are all things to consider when travelling. So we spent a lot of time (and money) adding extras like 300litres of water, an extra car seat, extra storage space, a toddler bed, a roof cage for all of Sam’s tools plus a double pram, bike, scooters, surfboards and boogie boards along with a ladder so if I ever needed to I could climb up as well. It felt like almost every weekend Sam was spending hours out there in the bush across from our house tinkering away on Lola. Getting her spick and span for our maiden voyage. 


We will certainly miss her once she is officially passed on to someone else. We hold the dearest memories of months of travel and valued family time all with Lola as our foundation. Our home, our mode of transport, literally the only ‘thing’ we owned apart from the clothes on our back, the surfboards on the roof and the shoes on our feet. Lola was probably our first big step towards a ‘different’ way of living. Spending years of savings and selling almost everything to travel in her was a pretty pivotal moment in our lives. Once we hit the road with her we knew that we could live differently than how we’d been told to ‘do’ life. We found a sense of freedom and at the same time we found belonging. We began to trust in ourselves more than ever before and really push ourselves to the limit. We had little luxuries like hot water, electricity and money but we learnt to use our most wealthy possession - time, to make up for the things we lacked. We washed our clothes by hand, spent every penny wisely and learnt the value of fresh water (every drop counts!). Like all things, our time with Lola has come to an end and we are prepping her for her next big adventure with a new owner.


The newest addition to our family is a whopping 12.5 meter long and 2.4 meter wide 1996 Hino coach. Compared to Lola, a 1992 7meter long and 1.9meters wide Toyota Coaster, we have almost double the living space than in Lola!!!! This is a massive difference for our little family’s future. For us it changes road living dramatically. It means that I will have more space to work from - maybe even my own desk or at least a dining table to sit at. The kids will each have their own bed to sleep in, no more waking each other up when someone cops an elbow in the face at 2am in the morning. This will also make nap time so much easier and structured routines more viable. We will have a larger kitchen and along with it more cupboard and fridge storage making healthy eating much easier. I’ve already started fermenting Kombucha and am so excited to bring our juicer along for the ride this time round. And the thing I’m probably most excited about is the lounge we’ll have to sprawl out on for movie nights. It will be able to fold out into a double bed making it easier for our friends and family to visit too.


Already we have a relatively clear idea of the interior design of the bus but I’m definitely excited to get my design skills on and make all the thoughts swirling around in my head a reality. For now we’re working on getting Lola ready to hand over the keys to her new owners and focusing on one little job at a time on our new bus. The bigger picture seems far too overwhelming right now so it’s the little steps we’ll make until we get there.

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