A little note of gratitude

Last week I announced we were holding a giveaway for reaching 5K followers on Instagram. While this might be a measly triumph for some, for me it was not. 


I have been running this business for about 5years now and in that time it has taken on so many different forms I sometimes forget where to start it’s story from. I won’t get into it now (cause it’s a long one) but I will say that reaching 5K followers on Instagram, a place where I can see a community of likeminded earth conscious Wanderers growing felt so damn good. 


And then I was blown away…


The rapid number of entries blowing up my phone floored me for a good moment or two. This little side hustle of mine; this business I’ve been chipping away at for so many years is something that people would take time out of their day to tag a friend in a little competition, 500 plus times over in it’s first day? So crazy!


I guess to give you some context its been a rough few months. Like so many other business’ around Australia and the globe lockdown has really affected us. Which is what made this giveaway so sweet. Although it wasn’t 500 orders in a single day (ha! that's still on my goal list) it was 500 people referring their friends to my instagram page and therefore immense exposure to our ecommerce shop. 


I couldn’t believe it! After months of strain I finally had a big beautiful win in the form of realising the beautiful community I’ve got cheering me on over here. So I just wanted to say ‘Thank you!’ for supporting Barefoot Wanderer and our very sloooooow way of doing fashion. I love that you love supporting small and that you choose to care for the earth over the noise of harmful fashion trends. 


I am filled to the brim with gratitude. Thank you!

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